Culture PRO™

An original method of conducting intercultural projects

Building long-lasting, fulfilling, and productive intercultural relationships—hence becoming a culturally competent professional—is the full objective of the Culture PRO technique, which is built on three complementary elements.

The acronym PRO represents the three key elements of cultural professionalism

Effective intercultural cooperation begins with accurate knowledge of the values, beliefs, and circumstances pertinent to a particular culture (what is invisible), on which distinctive cultural patterns of behavior (what is apparent) are built. It also involves gaining a deeper understanding and awareness of one’s own cultural context. Cognition also applies to comprehension of processes occurring at the intersection of cultures (e.g. stereotypes and prejudices, culture shock, communication barriers)
Culture PRO™
The method’s core focus is how we react to cultural diversity and differences in the value systems, attitudes, and actions they inspire. By becoming aware of the essence of the conflict of values and the relativism of cultural norms and viewpoints, we broaden our awareness and learn to approach cultural variety with more respect, an open mind, less judgment and with an emphasis on partner relations.
Culture PRO™

The third component, which builds on the other two, is openness to try out novel, culturally smart behaviors that will improve intercultural communication and cooperation. We are trying to define personal responsibility for the form this cooperation takes, and we are seeking for a field to actively “reach out” towards mutual understanding and partnership. Here, room is also made for creating specific cross-cultural “DOs and DON’Ts” that are founded on knowledge, understanding, and respect, making them truly effective.

Culture PRO™
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